A comprehensive approach to organizational security through integrated technical security and support products and services

Catalyst is at the forefront of integrating security technology into organizational operations.

Catalyst provides expert advice, design, installation, management, operations and maintenance of a wide variety of systems using the latest innovations. We operate independently of any manufacturers and thus are able to select the most appropriate systems based on our clients’ needs. We offer bespoke technical systems to any scale

The basis of our expertise is our understanding and appreciation of the policies and procedures governing how individuals interact with these systems. Working with our clients, we establish what is to be achieved, which technology will enable this and how the technology will interface with the guardians and the guarded. Our robust project management capability ensures the planning is realized.

  • Intruder Detection
  • Fencing
  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Remote Monitoring/span>
  • PSIM Systems
  • PSRV Software & Integration
  • Under Vehicle Systems
  • Surveys & Planning
  • Ranges & Sytems
  • Trainers & FSRs