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Security Brief
Country: Pakistan
Date: April 21, 2015
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Alert: 01

Date: Feb-12 2015



Type: Armed Assault

Location: Sindh, Karachi

KARACHI: Two persons, including a woman, were killed and five others injured in different violence incidents. LINK TO ARTICLE

Incidents of Note

Threat Advisories

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Islamabad Risk Level – Low to Moderate

02-12-15 At this time, the security situation in Islamabad remains Low to Moderate. No major incident of violence occurred during the reporting period. That being said, the ongoing struggle with extremist groups elsewhere in the country increased the possibility that the retaliatory attacks on government or infrastructure targets in the capitol. Islamabad continues to suffer from street level crime, however this is largely confined to the city outskirts and suburban areas beyond Islamabad proper. Concern over unscheduled protest is still a daily reality.

Islamabad Advisory

Only essential security measures are believed to be necessary in Islamabad at this time. Maintaining a high level of situational awareness is advised while living and working in Islamabad. Monitoring traffic levels and preparing multiple route options is advised in order to avoid potentially dangerous choke- points. Travelers should take all precautions to insure they avoid large crowds, high profile buildings, or other potentially valuable targets due to the increased threat of terrorist attacks nationwide.

Punjab Risk Level – Moderate

02-12-15. The security situation in Punjab remains Moderate. No Major incidents of violence occurred during the reporting period. However, all major cities of the province remain under the threat of terror attacks due to the militaries ongoing anti terror efforts. Protests remain a factor as multiple political parties continue to oppose load shedding by power and gas companies. Street level and more seri- ous crimes including armed robbery, assault, and kidnapping remain a constant threat.

Punjab Advisory

At this time it is necessary to adopt a requisite level of security measures while living or working in Punjab. While it is a far cry from many of the much more violent provinces in Pakistan, the region remains susceptible to violent crime and protests. Due to the heightened threat of terrorist violence, it is advisable to avoid military and government installations while in the area. Other high value targets like religious sites or large demonstrations/gatherings should also be avoided by travelers if possible.

Sindh Risk Level – Moderate

02-12-15 At this time the security situation in the Sindh province remains Moderate. Multiple incidents of violent crime including homicide occurred during the reporting period. Gang violence, target killings and bombings occur almost daily in the province. Karachi in particular, continues to suffer from high levels of violence and street level crime. It’s Prowess, as the nations major economic hub, makes it an especially valuable target to extremist/terrorist groups operating in the area. On its own, Karachi risk level rates higher than the province as a whole, but nowhere in the province is immune to routine political, criminal, and nationalist violence that has become it’s hallmark.

Sindh Advisory

Due to the long tradition of chronic lawless in the Sindh province, all available mitigation efforts should be taken when traveling or working in the area. Karachi in particular warrants a high level of profes- sional security measures to insure one does not fall victim/ become collateral damage of the continu- ous violence in or around the city. While traveling through other parts of the region, elevated caution levels should be exercised at all times especially in proximity to “high-risk” areas.

KP Risk Level – Moderate

02-12-15. The security situation in KP remains High. Multiple incidents occurred during the reporting period including the bombing of civilian train cars, multiple homicides, and arrests. . Continued military operations in the area make the threat of an attack by various terrorist groups a daily concern. While se- curity forces remain the most likely target of this increasing aggression, recent events have shown that schools and public places are not off limits to this type of violence.

KP Advisory

The high-risk levels in the KP and FATA regions warrant aggressive security measures in order to insure personal safety and operational success. Bespoke intelligence services and pre deployment surveil- lance may be necessary to significantly mitigate the constantly evolving risks associated with terrorist group and the potential backlash from Operation Zarb-e-azab. Other precautions should include, PPE and possibly manned guarding services, depending on the particular operations demands.

Balochistan Risk Level – High

02-12-15 At this time the security situation in the Balocistan province remains High. Although no incidents were recorded during the reporting period, Balochistan remains very unstable and constant- ly under threat of attack from militant extremist groups. Attacks on infrastructure targets (particularly gas pipelines) are common. Violence, assaults, target killings and kidnappings are frequent, as nearly defunct law and order system in the province continues to give way to a “wild west mentality” The Northwestern boarder of the province, continues to provide refuge to Pakistan Taliban members while also serving as a rear operating base for some members of the Afghan Taliban.

Balochistan Advisory

Due to the almost immedicable issues with law and order in the province, elevated security practic- es are recommended. Avoiding potential regions that are known to harbor extremists is advised. As well as limiting nighttime movements or operations, it is also important to take the proper precautions when working or traveling near possible terrorist targets.

Threat Statistics

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