Bespoke, accurate information when you need it most.

Global organizations make decisions every day that affect the lives of their people. Your organization needs the best information and advice in order to ensure that your people, your business, will succeed.

Accurate, timely and relevant information concerning both physical threats and business interests in the world today are a key component of organizational risk management. Catalyst’s information services give your group the tools it needs to operate in our ever-changing world. From environmental and health, to crime, safety and security, the key to planning and succeeding in the world today is having the necessary information with which the best decisions can be made.

infoBulbsPicCatalyst provides information and intelligence services to numerous public and private organizations including government, energy, defense, construction, pharmaceutical, insurance, legal and financial institutions. We meet the needs of our clients by delivering a holistic suite of tailored informational products designed to directly address the specified and apparent needs and questions of our clients. Our information products and services are delivered in several ways including real time encrypted data transfers, website-based subscription services or by bespoke reporting and documentation.
Our information services include those based on open source data, media data, social and mobile media, surveillance reporting, socio-economic statistics, market surveys and other private and proprietary information sources. The products derived from our sources include risk and threat assessments, physical security surveys, route planning and journey management, predictive data analytics reporting and our new SafeROUTE and HeatSOURCE mapping protocols. We employ personnel ranging from freelance journalists and media analysts, to investigators, surveillance techs, statisticians, data analysts, political scientists and former high-ranking military personnel in order to deliver the information you need- when you need it most!

  • Risk Assessments
  • Threat Analysis
  • Site Surveys
  • Bespoke & Subscription Reports
  • SafeROUTE™
  • Open Source Data Analysis
  • 24 Hour Support Line
  • Surveillance & Mapping