wamarTechLogoDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: On July-4-2012 Catalyst provided a QRF response to Wamar employees working and living in Kabul, Afghanistan. Wamar’s life support and vehicle maintenance facility fell victim to what was later described as an “accidental explosion” of a neighboring liquid fuel refinery. After the explosion Catalyst executed search, rescue and medical evacuation protocol, ultimately resulting in the safe recovery of the Wamar employees.

This study is especially unique as Wamar was not, at the time of this incident, Catalyst’s client. Wamar and Catalyst were engaged in a co-venture on a project completely unrelated to this study’s incident and Afghanistan altogether. At the time, Wamar had retained security services from a separate provider and were self performing many aspects of the life support and O&M process at their Kabul facility. It was a stroke of luck for the Wamar team when Alan Farash made contact with the Catalyst USA TOC operator on that 4th of July morning…

At that time information was limited, but Farash did explain that there had been an explosion at their facility, no one from the Wamar team could be accounted for and despite Farash’s attempts, their security provider and the State Department had been, for all intents and purposes, unreachable. Catalyst immediately issued a QRF response in search of the displaced Wamar team. The Catalyst TOC ran point and directed on the ground resources in a daylong search across the city. Physical identification was not forthcoming due to the explosion. As a result the Catalyst TOC began social media cross references to identify team members and provide our Afghanistan partner (Pilgrims) with the necessary ID information.

Catalyst/Pilgrims operatives encountered bands of looters, burning structures and gunfire during their search. When it was over, the team had recovered all 8 Wamar employees (3 Expats, 5 LNs) from 4 different locations and had successfully evacuated those injured. Those who were not injured were given indefinite accommodations at our residence until the security situation had stabilized.