usaidiLogoDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Through a joint effort between Catalyst and its in-country partner, CSP, Catalyst was able to secure a Pakistan wide open source media monitoring and reporting contract with USAID. Under this contract Catalyst is tasked with producing and publishing a daily ‘Safe Report’ wherein Catalyst provides security related open source media data and analysis for use by USAID and many of it’s implementing partners.

Catalyst leverages in-house analysts, on the ground journalists and proprietary systems to ensure full coverage and discovery of all relevant news articles required by USAID. According to USAID Catalyst is capturing 95%+ of the news associated with the incidences they wish to monitor. This capture rate is determined to be exemplary and indeed, unexpected, by USAID and according to recent PMRs, far exceeds the results of the incumbent provider.

In the Safe Report Catalyst compiles and reports these incidences daily but also provides USAID with requisite security advice and consultation predicated on the information gleaned via open source mediums. Due in no small part to Catalyst’s overall effectiveness with respect to the compilation and publication of this report, USAID and several of its implementing have already expressed interest in expanding the Safe Report to better serve the specific needs of all parties. As such Catalyst is currently developing report products for specific cities, specific routes and a host of other specified interests and interest groups.