stanleyLogoDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Catalyst has provided a wide array of services to Stanley Consultants Inc., across many different efforts in the KSA. Stanley initially engaged us to provide visas to a team of Stanley engineers set to deploy to KSA under short notice. Catalyst was able to deliver the required visas, despite the time constraints, and has thus developed a strong relationship with Stanley; supporting many of their endeavors within the Kingdom.

Since that initial engagement Catalyst has provided full life support services to Stanley on various deployments. These services included full residency services in Riyadh at Catalyst’s in-country partner’s facility as well as standing up a completely bespoke solution/facility near KKMC, for not just Stanley, but also one of their key subcontractors. All facility operations and maintenance, vehicles, staff, food service and country/site access came under the purview of Catalyst. Catalyst also performed all appropriate risk assessments and threat analysis needed to effectively assail Stanley’s corporate compliance team.

Catalyst and Stanley’s relationship has since grown. Stanley has now tasked Catalyst and its in-country partner with providing consultation and strategy as it relates to Stanley’s full penetration in to the Saudi business market. Under this requirement Catalyst would act as Stanley’s in-country partner providing all necessary corporate setup and licensure needed for Stanley to effectively access the Saudi market. Further, Catalyst will continue to supply Stanley with life support services, transportation and other various corporate services.