grsLogoDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Catalyst currently provides a turnkey life support, security and transportation solution to Global Resources Solution’s (GRS) COMSEC custodians working in Pakistan. GRS has been one of Catalyst’s longest clients with this particular requirement spanning more than 5 years. Over the years Catalyst and GRS have partnered on many opportunities all intimated by the relationship developed on this first, and ongoing, project in Pakistan.

Catalyst has provided full residence and life support services to multiple GRS deployed custodians since the beginning of 2010. This provision has included the complete rehab and upgrade of 2 different facilities in the F8 section of Islamabad, Pakistan. Catalyst performed all security upgrades consistent with the RSO’s scope of work for facilities ‘fit for occupancy by Americans.’ All staff, both hospitality and security, operations and maintenance is performed by Catalyst. At times, food and other ICASS services were provided by Catalyst when they could not be provided GRS’ customer.

Vehicle, driver and other journey management services are provided to GRS under this requirement inclusive of purchase and licensure of an up-armored vehicle. Catalyst provides all tracking, movement records, fleet management and insurance for all GRS vehicles. Catalyst also provides all journey management services to GRS employees in the event the need to travel outside Islamabad arises. Catalyst routinely accompanies GRS employees when performing ‘off site’ duties in Karachi and Peshawar.