CSC LogoDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Catalyst currently supports multiple CSC employees across multiple efforts in the UAE. All of these employees are deployed FSR’s working on various CSC operated Military simulators in various Government controlled airbases. Catalyst provides a turnkey Life Support and Sponsorship package to CSC, enabling their employees to work and comfortably reside in the UAE on a long-term deployment basis.

CSC’s needs in the UAE, and across the Middle East provide a unique use case and strong example of the all-encompassing nature of Catalyst’s on the ground support services. Like many companies, CSC has managed to win large Government contracts to perform services in the UAE. While any such award may represent a large contractual effort, both financially and operationally, it does not necessarily warrant a full-scale investment in doing business in the UAE. Many companies have been faced with this reality and as it happens is the exact reason Catalyst has integrated itself as CSC’s “in-country support partner’ in the UAE.

Over the years, Catalyst has provided life support services for dozens of CSC employees across nearly a dozen facilities across 2 Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). Catalyst has provided CSC personnel with everything from a fully serviced and operational 5 bedroom villa all the way to a single operable studio apartment. All vehicles and fleet services were provided by Catalyst including leases, maintenance, insurance and tolls.

Further and potentially most important, Catalyst has provided CSC with full Corporate Sponsorship service for all of their deployments in the UAE. This service has been integral in allowing CSC to efficiently and legally deploy FSR’s to the UAE while maintaining an appropriate ‘distance’ to the UAE thus lessening the costs that might be associated with investing in business activities themselves. These services include residency visas, labor cards and contracts, base access and 2 different dedicated sponsorship vehicles/entities.