CSC LogoDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Catalyst currently provides a complete turnkey life support and corporate sponsorship package to 11 Computer Sciences Corporation’s (CSC) personnel deployed to the KSA. This is slated to be a long-term requirement lasting over 3 years. Provisions include serviced accommodations, corporate services, transportation services and various consultation products, generally. CSC has been a long-time client of Catalyst mostly throughout the UAE, having now entrusted us to provide similar services in the KSA.

As per CSC’s requirements Catalyst has formed a branch entity for the purposes of sponsoring CSC personnel and enabling them to work and reside in the KSA for an extended period of time. Under this entity Catalyst provides CSC staff with residency visas, (Iqamas), payroll disbursement, and otherwise administratively supports the CSC deployment. It is worth noting that this requirement, though precarious in nature and seemingly unavailable from other vendors, was specifically mandated by the contract under which CSC was commissioned. Catalyst provides further corporate services in the way of base access, non-resident visas, access to office space, VP level and other executive hosting, etc.

Catalyst also provides a host of other on-the-ground and personnel support services to CSC staff. Most notably, CSC employees are provided a bespoke and dedicated housing solution in Riyadh. Catalyst manages all leases, facility up-fits, operations and maintenance. All utilities and other ongoing payments to local vendors are also managed and facilitated by Catalyst. Finally, under certain circumstances, Catalyst has also provided a complete hospitality staff including a house manager (POC), custodial staff and food service staff (inclusive of food provision).

Other services provided under this contract include vehicle fleet and management services, communications equipment and service, security alerts/consultation and recreational event planning and facilitation. It is worth noting that, given CSC’s rather insignificant footprint in the KSA, Catalyst is thought of as their host nation liaison for many or all aspects of their deployment.