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Regional Manager (South Asia)

aamerBioPicAamer Hayat, began his career with the Pakistan Army in 1989. He was trained as an officer to command mechanized forces. During his 18 years of military service, he had opportunities to work with United Nations, the Military Police as well as several distinguished Intelligence agencies. After his Military career, Mr. Hayat worked with an NGO in support of multiple humanitarian efforts before concluding his tenure with an 18-month assignment in the Prime Minister’s office.

Aamer, joined Catalyst in 2009. As the Managing Director of CSP, and one of Catalyst’s key implementing partners, Mr. Hayat provides direct management and supervision of all operations in Pakistan. His strengths come from his lifetime of experience working in stressful and crisis related situations. Aamer is supremely qualified in the field of logistics and is also a licensed practitioner of law in Pakistan. This skill set has made him a truly valuable asset to Catalyst and Catalyst clients. His diverse background and experience allows him to work efficiently within the functionaries of both military and civil offices in Pakistan. His management skills have been put to test at various levels, many times, and Mr. Hayat has always found a way to problem solve effectively and expeditiously.

Aamer, has also proven quite adept at designing and managing “Life support and operations & maintenance” projects for various multinational companies for many years. He has had many opportunities to travel and work abroad and indeed, most of his family including parents and siblings have settled outside of Pakistan. This background has helped him in understanding different cultures and makes him an ideal choice for his position. This sentiment is echoed by Mr. Hayat’s strong links and contacts within both Military and civil bureaucracy and his commitment to country, family and friends and clients. Much of what Catalyst is today is because of Aamer and his hard work and Catalyst owes him a debt of gratitude and our support.