Bespoke housing. “Don’t be stressed where you rest”.

Catalyst specializes in developing and managing fully serviced accommodation solutions. It is important to us that we create a comfortable and familiar living environment so you can feel safe and at home.

Here at Catalyst we fully understand the risks and requirements involved with working and living in foreign and even hostile areas. Our accommodation solution is a product of our own experience working in these areas. We have created a product that provides your organization with a lower cost while properly securing your personnel and meeting the demands of a western standard of living.

Your comfort is our passion but your safety takes precedence. Choose to live in comfort and more importantly choose to live safely. If you have the need to deploy personnel to foreign environments or are looking for accommodations for any reason, contact Catalyst for a fully detailed proposal and let us put your accommodation needs at ease.

  • Bespoke accommodations solutions
    • Villas
    • Apartments
    • CHUs
    • Up-fits & Furnishings
    • Corporate Relocations
  • Hostile & Non-hostile environments
  • Full CLS services
  • Facilities management
  • Food and sundry provision
  • ICASS equivalent service